Friday, September 25, 2009

Back from Bali

Just back from Bali,Indonesia! I'll post some of the pictures I've taken to you all. Maybe I'll post the pictures tomorrow.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Oh yeah,I had this dream last night,about the H1N1 virus,people turned into ZOMBIES after a few years. I was safe,a long beard man took me underground and it was a party! People were dancing and all. The long beard man said;kid,zombies are afraid of beards,and maybe moustaches. And I was like;what the hell! And then suddenly,Jim Carrey was in my dream. I was like;What the hell again! he said;Oh My God. Hey kid......(sang a spongebob song). Then,T-pain came,and said;check out my bling-bling! And then my maid woke me up to go to tution. And I was late for tution...........again.

I need followers

Hey,this is 3rd day of blogging my new blog. I need followers. I know my blog is kinda over and all. But please,comment some ideas to any of my posts. And yeah,Dany is right,I should post one or two posts once a day. So,I freakin' need followers!

I feel weird

I just bought this karate;judo;ju-jitsu book. I dont know what to do with it.  And I dont know why I bought it. WEIRD.


Is the pic bad???


Got this from Kinda cool.

Pissed off

Today was a cool day. Kinda. We did'nt do much today, just doin' B.M. English was kinda fun too. Daniel has been forcing me to go to her sister's sweet 16 party to help Daniel beatbox. He kinda sux,sorry Daniel. But it's an ugly truth.Uhm,recess time,wanted to go to class by using the form 2 satirs and suddenly those form 2 bastards spilling water from upstairs and went up stairs and I was pissed off with them,and I was like wattafark?! A fat form 2 boy(I dont wanna say the race,people will think it's racist) shuffled(sux at shuffling) to stop me from walking. And one thing, their bag brands are fake. They are just low price bastards.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Men are something.

What do you mean "men are nothing"? Actually,women are just meat walking around. You wanna say men are just meat walking but we got more beef. I'm not acting gay or somethin' offence.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jenny's kinda cute(Gossip girl)


For Dany and other fans...

Are you ready???


Oi! Scenes...


Hero Of the Day.

Haha! Funny Lincoln!

Look at his smile. It's an evil smile! Muahahahaha!

Thoughts of the Day!

1.Oh No

2.My humps

3.Vanilla Milkshake

4.Perimeter, Nucleas, Bronze

5.Upin dan Ipin

6. Uranius
    Glutonic          Also known as "UGLY".
    Yeast  Infection.

7. Moustache

Teachin' Dines how to beatbox...

All beats he could is "Pah,and.......karipuff

Look at Izzat

Look at Izzat.



Dany Wolverine

 Dany with his colourful sticks and then putting the sticks between his fingers. And said; Look,I'm Wolverine!

Dinesram's Numerology

Dinesram:  What is 21+12?

Han Jie: Thirty-three.

Dinesram: 6+6?

Han Jie: Ayo,you don't know the answer?!

Dinesram: Uhm,let me count first ah,uh.......,12 right???

Han Jie: Yes lah!!! Ayo!

The Picture of Dorian Gray...

Those who find ugly meanings in beautiful things are corrupt without being charming...

T reveal art and conceal the artist is art's aim...

Dinesram's Magic trick

 Dinesram did this stupid magic trick that I know by using Han Jie's novel,Oscar Wilde. It's not even a magic trick!


 Agama class,nothing much,just bad stuff about coupling. Can't hold hands,a demon guy beside the couples and stuff. Boring. *_*

  Second subject;Sivik; we have to remember and write back the school anthem lyric.
I don't remember much of the lyrics but finished it!(by copying from a friend).

Han Jie told me this story about King Saul and David the entertainer. King Saul is envy of David cause David has been entertaining people all the time! People in the story(i dunno village or town or castle or somethin')has been giving more attention to David. King Saul tried to kill David with a spear but David did'nt die. Cause God loves him and took David to heaven. King Saul got angrier day by day and after a few years,King Saul died. It's just a folklore.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Friends I miss

I miss my old good friends from SKSSJ where I have lots of friends than this time in SMKSU.

 Good Old Friends list:

Tengku Azfar
Lionel Loke
 And a 100 more...

 I'll try to post pictures of them. I'm just trying to find them.

Journal #1

Yesterday's Story:15/9/2009

 As usual,my hair-do spoiled,bad luck aaaand nervous. I don't know why. I saw Krishan infront of the public school toilet. He just came back from boarding school. Well,actually he did'nt go to boarding school,he went to Penang cause his fav uncle passed away. He cried cause Izzat said stuff about Krishan's uncle. I pity Krishan. Losing someone we love is really hard for us to forget or let go.

First subject;B.Melayu;En.Abu told the class(1 alpha) to sweep the class for a while. I did'nt do anything that time cause I feel frustrated about my upcoming home in Ampang that I'm gonna stay soon. Than,Harshini came to sweep under my desk and said;dude,your butt is not that big ya' know?
My thoughts said,she's harier(is it the correct spelling?) than me. My butt is not that big but you could still sweep it cause theres space since you said my butt is small. haha,idiot talk.

 Second subject;English;the teacher told us to do our own work while she finishes her work. I dunno what work(who cares),I went to my best fellow friends;Han Jie and Dinesram.Hee-hee,we did some numerology(is it the right spelling?). I dunno if it's true or not but it's kinda fun though.

 Recess:Out of the classs,I thought it was Optimus Prime! Unfortunately,it was a truck with the last term exam papers.Puff. I said to Izzat and Farynna,look it's Optimus Prime! haha! PWNED.

Uhm,I went to the canteen and I bought pepsi. I bought the pepsi for buka puasa.

Ikhlas,Hariz and others says the same thing for the past 2 weeks;Amirul tak puasa! Amirul tak puasa! What a bunch of immatures.

Hariz;hey listen to this! Amirul going to heaven with a gate his height! Joke of the year!(I don't think it's funny at all)

Agama class;Izzat reminded me about the "Amirul going to heaven" joke and he laughed and made a new joke about me going to heaven. But instead he said the same thing as Hariz's joke. I said to him that the gate of heaven is big! You can't change the real thing. Hey,Izzat,if you wanna make a joke,make a logical one!(he,iz,is a f***face bastard,sorry iz)

I forgot what subject;all I could remember is this;Teacher saying;See,my little boy sleeping(Sharvin sleeping). Izzat then said;Teacher,he's a tall boy,small boy is this one. You know who(me). Han Jie than scold him or something cause he's trying to help me out. Thank You Han Jie.

Uhm,what else;Ah-ha! I went back home,watch this indonesian tv thing then my dad came back.

He told me to go to the Bazaar Ramadhan to buy some food for buka puasa.

I bought lot's of food with only RM10! But I had to top up a bit of money cause I wanted to buy Barbcican and Mountain Dew. I bought 2 barbicans and 1 Mountain Dew. Then,I went back home with my mom.

Buka Puasa time;the food was tempting and delicious! Spagetti with some KFC chicken(tastes like KFC's chicken,hee-hee,I made it actually(not really) and more!

Used internet for a while then watch tv than at the time;11.30 p.m;I went to bed and sleep and wonder what's gonna happen the next day.
                                                          THE END

Intro of the blogger

 Hello,I'm Amirul Hakim. Uhm,'sigh' i'm 13. I'm kinda taller than the picture of me with Megan Fox, I study at SMKSU. I'm kinda quite in class these days, but outside school, i'm freakin' HYPERACTIVE!!! I dunno what else to talk about. I'm too lazy to talk about my details. No one wants to know anyway. Sigh. -_-'